When I sit down with a pen, words spill out of me that I didn’t know I was about to say.

I have no way of knowing what’s going to reach people. Sometimes I write something mostly for myself that I assume nobody will relate to and it turns out they do. Other times I have something important to say and it doesn’t really seem to land with anyone.

That is what makes writing exciting for me. And also a little intimidating.

I read somewhere that enthusiasm is a form of social courage. And I love that. I think it is much easier to be cynical. It’s more comfortable to find ways to make myself right and others wrong than it is to maintain my sense of wonder and mystery.

But, lucky for me, I’ve never been cool so I had no grace to fall from.

I just dove on in.

And as my body temperature adjusted to the water I learned that if you stick with enthusiasm long enough, it’s also a form of social liberation.

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